Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear Far, Far, Far Right-Wing Republicans

Dear GOP Senators and Representatives:

Keep your draconian morals and religion far, far, far away from my health care choices.

The very idea of allowing one person's religious beliefs (i.e., the "boss") to dictate what healthcare choices everyone else (the "employees") gets is ludicrous. But, that is exactly what you are talking about these days. I think its time to look at what you are doing and pretend that you are a sane and intelligent person. And if that doesn't work, how about you just listen to the thousands of people who are outraged by this lunacy.

These ideas you are propounding sound like you want to go back to a time in history when women were basically the property of their husbands and fathers. That idea really does not have a place today. It doesn't even bear thinking about. I am NOT someone's property. No one makes decisions regarding my healthcare but me and my doctor.

I have no idea where you got the idea that birth control is immoral, but you really need to give it up. The days of "breed early and often" are long past. The days of old men deciding what is right for young, vital women is in the past (or should be). It is time to embrace the real world and give up these lunatic ideas.

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