Monday, August 1, 2011

Tea Party? No!

Until the "Tea Party" is officially designated as a viable political party, we really need to stop using that term. At the very least, add in the word "Republican." Why? Because there will be no "Tea Party" designation on the ballots come election time. There are those who will look for their favorite "Tea Party" candidate....

Second, I really don't like the term "Tea Party" since it kind of means that they are patriots of some sort. Patriots with a very skewed sense of history. Apparently, all that tea was dumped into the Boston Harbor to stop the British from taxing us and the "Tea Partiers" are all about no taxation.... They forget about the other two words: "without representation."

I say we go back to calling them "Tea Baggers" since the term fits... "Tea Bagger Republican". I like the sound of that......

1 comment:

  1. "Tea Bagger" has always been a more appropriate fit. In some games of the gaming world, after you kill or f'up your opponent, you can "teabag 'em" in the crudest sense.

    That pretty much sums up these yahoos.